T&D Stories

Still writing these down. Stay alert as I will add stories, with out fanfare.

The Christmas Parties

Traditionally, the founders of Tyler & Downing would offer a drink of scotch whiskey to customers at Christmas to celebrate the Season. Often just a quick “bump” to get the blood flowing, however I’m sure that empty bottles ended up on the floor and a broad smile on those involved’s faces.

In 75+ years, the gathering and celebrating had evolved from meat-market toast to a full-blown saloon. Kegs of beer, Texas fifths of whiskey, vodka and any bottle given as a present to the proprietors was fair game and offered without reserve. Clouds of smoke from cigarettes, gave the backroom a welcoming, hazy atmosphere. Laughter, loud conversations and smiles were the mode of the evening, which by the way was ALWAYS Christmas Eve! (more to come)